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Job Info: Edit

  • Prime:
  • Level unlocked at: 15
  • Player cap: 1
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play:

Rules Edit

  • You may not participate in raids.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not carjack.
  • You may not own a weapon larger than a pistol.
  • You may not deny players access to the movie theater, however you may put fading doors in the movie theater and charge people up to 5k for entry. 
  • You may also charge up to 1k for a Video Request. 
  • You may not play any inappropriate/obscene videos from you-tube or any other site. 
  • You are expected to keep your videos PG-13.
  • You may play long videos, however people are allowed to vote skip using /theater.
  • You are the only one allowed to base in the movie theater, however you may allow other citizen jobs to base with you. 

Facts and trivia: Edit