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SWAT Officers are professional law enforcers. Like the CP, they have the power to arrest, want, and place warrants, along with better equipment for doing so.

 Job Info: Edit

  • Prime: Yes
  • Level unlocked at: 15
  • Player cap: 5
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play: An Advanced cop that starts with moderately-heavy armour

Rules Edit

  • You may participate in Police Raids in order to arrest criminals or seize illegal entities.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may build only publicly, in front of tunnels, to create checkpoint. If there is a Mayor, the checkpoint must be sanctioned by him.
  • You are allowed to want people who run through a checkpoint
  • At any given time there may only be 4 checkpoints allowed.
  • You may not steal, but you can confiscate illegal items.
  • You may accept stolen items to return them to the rightful owner.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may ignore any laws that forbid weapons of any kind set forth by the mayor. You still cannot purchase BMD items, but you may still use them.
  • You must have a valid RP reason to weapon check a player.
  • You must inform players of weapon checks at checkpoints and government facilities with a sign. 
  • You must have a valid RP reason to arrest a player.
  • You must have a valid reason for issuing a search or arrest warrant.
  • You may not rush a player with the arrest-baton while they are shooting at you.
  • You may not kill Gang Members on sight unless both sides have agreed to War. (See War)
  • You may arrest criminals if they are carjacking, or have been reported and proven of having carjacked.
  • You may arrest players who are in possession of weapons sold by the Black Market Dealer

Facts and trivia: Edit