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Job Info: Edit

  • Prime:
  • Level unlocked at: 75
  • Player cap: 2
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play:

Rules Edit

  • You may only participate in raids if you know your target is inside the base.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may only kill people you have been paid to kill, except when defending yourself or your group.
  • You may not accept hits on Hobos.
  • You may not trade hits with other Hitmen or similar jobs.
  • You may not ask/tell other players to place hits on specific people or groups.
  • You may not deny your services to individual players, but you may deny your services for a valid RP reason.
  • You may not carjack.

Facts and trivia: Edit