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Job Info: Edit

  • Prime: Yes
  • Level unlocked at: 15
  • Player cap: 2
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play: Protecting the mayor with his/her life. You must stay with the mayor unless he tells you to do an errand

Rules Edit

    • You may not participate in raids.
    • You may not mug.
    • You may not steal, but you can confiscate illegal items.
    • You may not kidnap other players.
    • You may accept stolen items to give to the Mayor.
    • If the mayor is Corrupt, you must also be Corrupt.
    • You may only group or base with the Mayor, and must remain with him at all times.
    • You may ignore any laws that forbid weapons of any kind.
    • You must have a valid RP reason to weapon check a player.
    • You must have a valid RP reason to arrest a player.
    • You must have a valid reason for issuing a search or arrest warrant.
    • You may not rush a player with the arrest-baton while they are shooting at you.
    • You may not kill Gang Members on sight unless both sides have agreed to War. (See War)

Facts and trivia: Edit