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Hobos are the lowest level of society. They may not own homes, however, they may build structures/hobo shacks to live in. They must also beg for money and food.

 Job Info: Edit

  • Prime: No
  • Level unlocked at: 1
  • Player cap: Unlimited
  • Special items: Bugbait
  • General purpose in role play: N/a

Rules Edit

  • You may not participate in raids.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may steal.
  • You may not sell stolen items but you can accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may not own any "real doors" or fading doors.
  • You may not build a base, but you can build a hobo-shack. This shack, throne, house, etc can be two stories; you may do minor prop climb on this shack.
  • You may build any creative / fun structure with any amount of prop climbing as long as it does not hurt the over all RP experience. You may also choose to charge for access.
  • You may build gambling contraptions and have them accessible to the public. 
  • You may not build your shack in front of someone's entrance in a way that it blocks the way in.
  • If the owner of a base asks you to remove your props from the exterior of his/her base you must comply. [Loopholes will get you banned] 
  • You may not own a weapon larger than a handgun.
  • You may not own money printers.
  • Do not spam the zombie noises.
  • Do not spam bugbait.
  • You may not carjack.
  • You are allowed to play music through your mic. However, if someone tells you to stop playing music you may choose to either move locations or to actually stop playing music. 

Facts and trivia: Edit