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FBI government officials works along side the government. They go undercover to compromise illegal activity around the city. They only take orders from the Mayor.

 Job Info: Edit

  • Prime:
  • Level unlocked at: 25
  • Player cap: 4
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play:

Rules Edit

  • You may participate in Police Raids in order to arrest criminals or seize illegal entities.
  • You may not help build police checkpoints.
  • You are allowed to want people who run through a checkpoint.
  • You may accept stolen items to return them to the rightful owner.
  • You must have a valid RP reason to weapon check a player.
  • You must have a valid RP reason to arrest a player.
  • You must have a valid reason for issuing a search or arrest warrant.
  • You may not participate in wars.
  • You may arrest criminals if they are carjacking, or have been reported and proven of having carjacked.
  • You may arrest players who are in possession of weapons sold by the Black Market Dealer.
  • As FBI you may disregard orders made by the CP Chief. You HAVE to listen to the mayor. If the mayor tells you to listen to the Chief you must listen to the Chief. 
  • You are allowed to bait (I.E if you are a hitman, and someone places a hit, you may have your fellow CP arrest them)
  • You have 15 minutes (of your player model/job being changed) to compromise a base, individual, or party and check for illegal activities. If you find illegal activities you simply go tell your fellow government officials, take them to the base and raid.
  • FBI do not need any suspicious to join a group. You may group up with anyone as long as it follows your class rules. 
  • When under cover you follow that jobs Rules.

Facts and trivia: Edit