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The Drug Manufacturer is one of the more complex classes, most new players do not know how to use this character or make his drugs, which give considerable profit.

The DM (Drug Manufacturer) is a criminal class, and can wield any weapon. But he cannot participate in raids, or mug people.

The DM can sell steroids, which enhance speed, jump hight, and give the user a health boost temporarily, but it then brings your health down to about 80% from the starting point.

The main reason of changing your job to Drug manufacturer is for making meth, which gives you lots of money if you do it right.

Also the DM can make weed that give 2.5k per set

Job Info: Edit

  • Prime: No
  • Level unlocked at: 5
  • Player cap: 10
  • Special items:
  • General purpose in role play:

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