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The Citizen is the default job for which all players will spawn as.

Job Info: Edit

  • Prime: No
  • Level unlocked at: 1
  • Player cap: Infinite
  • Special items: None
  • General purpose in role play: Not clearly defined

Rules Edit

  • You may not participate in raids.
  • You may not mug.
  • You may not steal.
  • You may not sell/accept stolen items.
  • You may not kidnap other players.
  • You may set a custom job, as long as it is appropriate and is allowed by the rules.
  • You may not set your custom job to any job that already exists, or any variation thereof.
  • You may not carjack.
  • You are allowed to play music through your mic. However, if you are in your own base and someone tells you to stop, unlike the hobo, you have the right to tell them to leave.

Facts and trivia: Edit

  • The Citizen is the only class that can make fight clubs, not including hobos.
  • The Citizens can base with Radio Broadcasters.
  • In the eyes of cops, due to meta-gaming, they are the same as thieves and should be held under the same suspicion.
  • Citizens may have any weapon, including BMD weapons, like Scar-H, Tommy Gun, and the Baseball Bat.