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Cereal is currently the only Super Admin on Auroras Trouble in Terrorist Town. Others have inherited their power from being a developer or just simply making themselves Super Admin. Cereal likes long walks on the beach. He heavily follows satanism.

Cereal Teamspeak

Commands of a Super Admin Edit

Admin Commands

  • ulx respawn <player> - !respawn -- Respawns target player while un-identifying the corpse and removing it, the command will also check for credits left of the body (if any) and respawn the player with them. has silent echos opposite
  • ulx respawntp <player> - !respawntp -- Respawns target player like the respawn command but respawns where the admin is aiminghas silent echos opposite
  • ulx force <player> <pram> Prams: innocent, traitor detective - Changes target players role to the pram specified and gives the appropriate amount of credits. has silent echos opposite
  • ulx spec <player> - !fspec -- forces the target player into the afk mode similar to how the gamemode would.
  • ulx unspec <player> - forces the target player back into player mode (opposite to the afk command.)
  • ulx karma <player> <value> - changes target players karma to the specified value.
  • ulx forcenr <player> <pram> Prams: traitor detective, unmark - carries out the action specified in the following round to next round force traitor/detective the group must have permission to ulx force. Echos silently
  • ulx slay <player> - !slay -- slays the selected player
  • ulx slaynr <player> <amount> - carries out the set amount of slays at every round start
  • ulx rslaynr <player> <amount> - Removes
  • ulx nr <ply> <role> - !nr <ply> <role> -Marks The Target(s) To Be What Role You Select Them (e,g Traitor, Innocent, Detective)
  • ulx gag <ply> - !gag <ply> - Gags The Target(s), Making It So They Cannot Talk/Use Microphone
  • ulx ungag <ply> - !ungag <ply> -Ungags The Target(s) Making It So They Can Talk
  • ulx mute <ply> - !mute <ply> --Making It So The Target(s) Cannot Type In Chat, The Gag For Chat
  • ulx unmute <ply> - !unmute <ply> --Unmutes The Specified Target(s)
  • ulx gimp <ply> - !gimp <ply> --Gimps The Specified Target(s), Making Them Say Pre-Set Messages Rather Then What They Typed, Easy To Abuse And Spam
  • ulx ungimp <ply> - !ungimp <ply> --UngimpsThe Specified Target(s)
  • ulx hp <ply> <amt> - !hp <ply> <amt> --Sets The Specified Target(s) HP Level (Health)
  • ulx ban <ply> <time> <reason> - !ban <ply> <time> <reason> --Bans The Selected Target(s) For The Said Amount Of Time
  • ulx unban <ply> - !unban <ply> ---Unbans The Selected Target
  • ulx banid <steam_id> <time> <reason> - N/A --Bans The Selected Steam ID
  • ulx kick <ply> - !kick <ply> --Kicks The Selected target(s)
  • ulx bring <ply> - !bring <ply> --Brings The Selected Target To You
  • ulx goto <ply> - !goto <ply> --Goto The Selected Target
  • ulx sslay <ply> - !sslay <ply> --Silently Slays The Selected Target(s)
  • ulx send <ply> <ply> - !send <ply> <ply> --Sends The Selected Target To Another Target
  • ulx teleport <ply> - !teleport <ply> --Teleports The Selected Target To You

Utillity Commands

  • ulx prevwin/ulx allowwin - Toggles the ttt_debug_preventwin command
  • ulx roundrestart - Restarts the round
  • ulx minply <int> - Changes the minimum players.
  • ulx credits <ply> - !credits <ply> -Gives An Amount Of Credits To The Target(s)
  • ulx csay <msg> - !csay <msg> --Sends A Message To All Players Ingame, Printing It On The Middle Of Their Screens
  • ulx psay <ply> <msg> - !psay <ply> <msg> --Sends A Message To Specified Player(s)
  • ulx thetime - !time --Displays The Serverwide Time
  • ulx playsound <sound> - N/A -- Plays The Selected Sound If Installed Onto Server
  • ulx motd - !motd - Shows the servers MOTD if available
  • ulx kick <ply> - !kick <ply> --Kicks The Selected target(s)
  • ulx noclip <ply> - !noclip <ply> --Sets Flow Mode To Active Allowing You To Noclip Through 

Fun Commands

  • ulx credits <player> <value> - gives specified value of credits to the target player.
  • ulx proptime <int> - Changes the punch-o-meter recharge time.
  • ulx explode <player> Explodes the selected player resulting in death
  • ulx jail <player> Entraps the player in a jail like cell
  • ulx blind <ply> <time> - !blind <ply> <time> --Blinds The Selected/Specified Target(s)
  • ulx unblind <ply> - !unblind <ply> --Unblinds The Specified Target(s)
  • ulx cloak <ply> <time> - !cloak (ply> <time> --Cloaks The Specified Target(s)
  • ulx uncloak <ply> - !uncloak <ply> --Uncloaks The Specified Target(s)
  • ulx freeze <ply> <time> - !freeze <ply> <time> --Freezes The Player In Place For However Long You Want, Default Is Indefinitely
  • ulx unfreeze <ply> - !unfreeze <ply> --Unfreezes Specified Target(s)
  • ulx god <ply> - !god <ply> --Grants God Mode Upon Selected Target(s)
  • ulx god <ply> - !god <ply> --Grants God Mode Upon Selected Target(s)
  • ulx ungod <ply> - !ungod <ply> --Revokes God Mode From Selelected Target(s)
  • ulx ignite <ply> <time> - !ignite <ply> <time> --Ignites The Specified target(s) On Fire
  • ulx unignite <ply> - !unignite <ply> --Extinguses The Selected Target(s)
  • ulx ragdoll <ply> - !ragdoll <ply> --Ragdolls The Selected Target(s)
  • ulx unragdoll <ply> - !unragdoll <ply> --Unragdolls The Selected Target(s)
  • ulx slap <ply> <dmg> - !slap <ply> <dmg> --Slaps The Selected Target(s) With Said Damage
  • ulx whip <ply> <amt> <dmg> - !whip <ply> <amt> <dmg> --Whips The Selected Target(s) For Said Amount Of Times With Said Damage
  • ulx strip <ply> - !strip <ply> --Strips The Selected Target(s) Of All Of Their Weapons


    hes a satanist